Chef’s Collin O’Connor (left) and Zach Minkoff (right) met while working for a celebrity client in Hollywood Hills: “We were both hired as chefs and as soon as we met, we knew we were going to build something together. Our skills complement each other perfectly.” With Collin’s background cooking privately for the wealthy and famous around the world, and Zach’s farm-to-table fine dining experience at the Inn at Ship Bay, the foundation for Heard Catering’s conscientious catering was born. “We think it is very important to not only nourish people’s palates but also their bodies. We take pride in the products we use and we try to be gluten-free, organic, low sugar, whenever possible.”

On a Mission


We believe that amazing events start with hiring amazing people; that’s why we select our staff carefully, so that you select us. Heard has always been the product of great concepts meeting knowledgeable hands and collaborating with a common goal of accomplishment. It is this ideology that we carry with us as a team to every event and demonstrate to every client.




It is our fortuitous nature to be surrounded by California’s year round growing season and we take full advantage of it. From the smallest farmers market to famed local specialty markets and vendors, we source the highest quality ingredients whenever available. It is our dedication to cultivating a conscious company that works with the land, not against it, which shows in our seasonal variety of dishes year round. We continue to innovate our methods of sustainability and contentiousness within the industry through our food and production practices.