We treat every occasion with an inspired approach and keen eye to detail because we know outstanding food and settings create lasting memories

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide clients with a range of event production assistance including venue locations, design arrangements, musical talent and more.


When dining and entertainment is your passion, satiation and excitement become second nature. At Heard, we treat every occasion with an inspired approach and keen eye to detail because we know outstanding food creates lasting memories. Your desired aesthetic is our main mission and delivering it with professionalism, is our specialty. We work diligently to improve our event production proficiency, innovate our menus and integrate our knowledge into every soiree, giving your event the remarkable and distinguished look it deserves. 


Design A Dream Wedding

From the first day to the big day, we help you celebrate your moment just how you envision it.

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Corporate & Drop Off

Surprise your co-workers at your next presentation with an exclusive spread delivered right to the office.


Adhering to your dietary needs is our speciality, so weather you’re hosting an all Keto Christmas or strictly Kosher celebration, our skilled chefs are ready to accommodate each and every guest at your soiree. We search for top quality, certified meats for your special religious events and innovate new and engaging concepts for all strict diet lifestyles. So please, do not hesitate to tell us your preferences so that we may actualize your event’s culinary vision for every holiday, homecoming and milestone.


At Heard, our focus is you. From party planning to execution, we aim to provide outstanding service with passion and precision. We pride ourselves on a company culture that treats it’s clients like individuals, and their events as if they were our own. With a commitment to advancing catering sustainability across the industry, supporting local vendors and shops, we aspire to provide piece of mind and morality at every meal.