Weddings & Events


Tie the Knot

We at Heard know that big days mean big agendas, but our esteemed team of highly skilled hosts, mixologists, servers, chefs, party planners and more, work seamlessly to make your matrimony the ultimate memory without a single hitch…except yours!

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Something bold, something new, something perfect, cooked just for you.

At Heard, your big day is our big day and that’s why we’ve got you covered from finding impeccable venue locations, to building the cupcake tower of your dreams. We start by listening to your vision first and then get to work turning fantasy into reality. With helpful services ranging from designing the dance floor, floral arrangements, event production, and extravagant multi course plated banquets , we understand that weddings are much deeper than a party and ceremony. They are the beginning of new bonds built to stand the tests of time and presented in the loving company of friends and family. Our mission is to seamlessly bring together your once in a lifetime event and leave you with a mountain of memories to share for generations.  

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Every event can benefit from an experienced helping hand whether it be a backyard BBQ or big bash wedding. We keep those hands in strong supply to facilitate the success and ease of your soiree from guest greetings to closing cleanup. With Heard, you enjoy all the important details of your gathering knowing that you’ve hired a team who respects and values your celebration as much as you do.